This Time, I’m Serious! Hopefully…

It seems like every time I re-dedicate myself to my website, a big event or new endeavor occurs which takes up more of my time and hinders me from being as active as I had planned. But this time, my hope is that things will be different! Even if I am side-swiped by a major opportunity, I plan on making my website a part of it, rather than continue to neglect it.

With that being said, let me update you all with what’s been going since the last time I posted something (March 2014):

  • I met the beautiful Sage Steele (one of my biggest crushes lol)
  • Went on an Ohio Tour with Stalley of Maybach Music Group entitled “No Place Like Home”
  • Invaded Springfield, MO for the first time (Missouri State University)
  • Performed in Hawaii, surfed, and jumped off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean all for the first time
  • Had half of my life stolen from me (SUPER LONG STORY :( but I may tell you all about it one day)
  • Invaded Asia (Seoul, Korea) for the very first time
  • Headlined my biggest concert ever, courtesy of “Self Diploma”, on Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH in front of 3,000+
  • Started a new NBA season with the Indiana Pacers
  • Won my first ever Ohio Hip-Hip Award as “Best New DJ”
  • Went to my first ever Indianapolis Colts’ game
  • And now I’m currently on my first solo tour ever entitled the, “Come Home With Camp” Tour, sponsored by the Black Bottle Boys of Maybach Music Group.

Clearly, God is continuing to bless me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I plan on expounding upon a couple of these bullet points, but for the most part, they’re pretty self-explanatory. Or maybe that was just me looking for another cop-out to not fulfill my commitment as aforementioned. Lol! I promise I’m going to try!


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