After ALL the technical difficulties, we have FINALLY got the mixtape loaded up and ready for release! Again, I have collaborated with a National Recording Jazz Musician named James Lloyd of Pieces of a Dream, who just so happens to be my Father, on this project! He is aPHENOMENAL keyboard player that I have anticipated working with for a LONG time now!

Working with him was a wonderful experience that not only strengthened our bond musically, but also emotionally. I’m sure when you heard a DJ was collaborating with a Jazz Musician, you had NO idea what to think! Hopefully, this project broadens your musical horizons and makes you step outside your comfort zone to try new things!

P.S. If you like what you hear, tell EVERYONE you know!! This project is for all age groups and nationalities! Well, almost all age groups, LOL! Let’s become LEGENDARY!

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37 Responses to "THE DEBUT OF: #CS3 —> CUFFINGSEASON 3"
  1. 02/14/12 03:15

    Antoine Edmonson

    I really appreciate your commitment to customer service. Over two hours after it was supposed to come out, you tweeted the link. When you came across technical difficulties, you didn’t quit, you persevered. That quality will take you far. I am a proud friend and even more humble fan of the brand. This mixtape marks you stepping into a new dimension!


    An esteemed member of the crew.

  2. 02/14/12 03:18


    Unexplainable, the feeling I have for a certain someone right now. She always wanted to slow dance and and Im matching every step… she isnt even in the same neighborhood. Bandcamp created a fantasy through a mixtape. #CS3 #CLASSIC #EPIC #UNMAGINABLE

    Good look!

  3. 02/14/12 03:20

    Ja'Vahnte Harper

    This is the best by far!

  4. 02/14/12 03:47

    Travis H

    All I can really say is that this was beyond great! Creativity to the highest degree! Kind of left speechless. The piano playing in the background in certain sections intensified each beat. The ending though!!! Trust issues transitioning into Dance For You!!! That whole section was pure greatness! Great Job BandCamp! Continue to push foward! Cuffing Season 3 is a banger!


  5. 02/14/12 03:53

    dana graham

    i absolutely loved everything especially the transitions! great work. i loved the artistry displayed on this mixtape. i cant wait for more projects in the future. do work !

  6. 02/14/12 03:57

    Allexis Wilhelmy

    I love this mix ! Very sexy ! Good Work

  7. 02/14/12 03:59

    Ashlie Leshae

    A W E S O M E J O B!!!!!!!! This is by far the greatest collaboration around!!!! S/O to Earl and Mr. James(:

  8. 02/14/12 04:02


    I had to leave a comment because I love what music can invoked in individuals. Whether it is telling a story, stirring emotions, or bringing back memories. Music is powerful. James Lloyd is a very talented musician! I will say it again very talented! haha. Mixing music of today with Jazz is something I REALLY enjoyed. I’ve been called an old soul by many *shrug*. haha. Earl I just want to say keep it up, you are one of the few people that live out their dreams. One person by day and another by night. Very proud. Only up from here!

  9. 02/14/12 04:19


    Been of fan of the Cuffing Season mix tapes but this one takes the cake. James Lloyd is a baaaad man, and a great musician. I especially loved what he did with “Dance For You”. This is an amazing project.

  10. 02/14/12 04:20



  11. 02/14/12 04:40

    Travis H

    Shout out to BandCamps FATHER! Playing that Brian McKnight over Dance for You was GENIUS!

  12. 02/14/12 05:07

    Paul Long

    S/O to @djBANDCAMP!!!! another classic pham!! CuffingSeason3 – #Magnum Edition!!! lol, @Ov3rtime

  13. 02/14/12 08:08

    Aujzia W

    This was the hottest mixtape bye far. I love the mix !! There has never been a DJ that has done such a beautiful collaboration with such a talented Jazz artist ! I love it !!! Keep em Coming!

  14. 02/14/12 08:15


    #CS3 is so crazy! Stayed up late to hear it & it was DEFINITELY worth the wait! My favorite part was the transition into “Dance For You”! James Lloyd you are amazing!

  15. 02/14/12 08:48


    This project is AMAZING! Every time i hear Mr Lloyd playing in the background i get the chills! Had no idea my love for music included jazz of this caliber sheesh dis exceeded the hype n anticipation #greatjobfellas ;)

  16. 02/14/12 09:56

    James Willis

    Mr, Lloyd, your talent paired with your son is amazing. Its clear where he gets his musicianship from. congratulations on a wonderful project to the both of you.

  17. 02/14/12 10:28


    Shoutout to your Dad!!! Omg… real musicianship!!! Is more of his stuff on iTunes… This #CS3 has me wanting to hear more!

  18. 02/14/12 10:37


    My mom is HUGE pieces of a dream fan!! She has been for years’s. Shes’s the reason i have the group’s music on my iPod. She lent me all of her jazz cd’s to upload when I showed interest in jazz and she had everything Pieces of a Dream. To have music from my generation merged with with these amazing jazz instrumentals is awesome. I passed the tape on to her and her friends. Can’t put age limits on good music. Salute to a great father and son collab!! Pressing replay as I press submit <3 loves it

  19. 02/14/12 10:43


    S/o to Bandcamp for yet another masterpiece! Special s/o to James Lloyd on keys! He is COLD on the ivory. You took this mixtape thing to another level! Much Respect!

  20. 02/14/12 10:51

    KR Jones

    Bruh Thanks for sharing your gift with us…Continue to stretch the limit and set the standard….and special S/O to James Llyod. Sir you took this mixtape to another level.

  21. 02/14/12 11:18

    Kaycee Flu-Allen

    DJ Bandcamp has done it AGAIN!!! You are definitely a musical genius.. I can’t even explain how much I love CS3.. Especially 28:07 – 30:06 ??!!!!!!!!!!! Automatically makes my heart melt :) S/O to Mr. James Lloyd !!

  22. 02/14/12 11:49


    You defiantly put in work on this. Your transitions were flawless!!! I LOVED the Dance for You section! Your father is extremely talented, his section was the icing on this for sure!! I was really feeling the jazz incorporation with the slow jams. You and your father did great on this. It can only get better from here! Keep it up. :D

    -Nikeya S.

  23. 02/14/12 12:32


    I’m gonna be honest……#CS3 has got to be THEEEEEEEEE best mixtape I’ve heard thus far! The beginning was a warm up but from 28:00 on out I was on 1000000000000000+! Mr. James Llyod was freaking AMAAAAAAAZING! I HAVE to tell the world about this one! GOOD JOB GUYS….!
    * S A L U T E *

  24. 02/14/12 13:52


    Man #CS3 is sooo DOPE!! man my favorite parts would be the INTRO and DANCE FOR YOU!!..

  25. 02/14/12 14:03

    Richard North

    Love the concept behind the jazz >>>> s/o to James!! haven’t seen him in years and as always every time I hear him play I am throughly amazed!! Man I remember when we was in high school and you was the first one out of the crew who had an Ipod, heck I still had a walkman! Not only that you played music that I never heard!! I remember riding in the Navi and telling you… “Son you are going to be a DJ!”…. I didn’t care how much you spoke about Pharmacy you had it then and I saw it immediately! Love you Bruh of 24 years! the longest friendship I have to date! Reach for the stars and nothing is impossible. -Rich

  26. 02/14/12 16:04

    Deon Cromwell

    Bandcamp, Dog, this mixtape is legit. The melody on it brings out its true sophistication! OMG. You definitely headed to the top cuz the bottom to crowded. 5* rating

  27. 02/14/12 16:32

    Britney Thornton

    I really like this project. It’s hot!! Being a singer, I really appreciate the collaboration between you two. Blessings!!

  28. 02/14/12 16:38

    TaShayla Cromwell

    Love it :) You did your thing as always. Keep it up


  29. 02/14/12 16:50

    Tyneia McGill

    I <3'd it!!

  30. 02/14/12 17:31


    This is Cold Blooded!!

  31. 02/14/12 19:19

    Nicole J

    The “Cuffing Season” series just keeps getting better and better with each edition. The mix itself is sexy but the piano in the background pulls each song together and overall makes it what it is…which is amazing!!! Shoutout to Mr. Lloyd. Magnificent job with your piano!

  32. 02/14/12 19:34


    This mix is serious, everybody need this in they life as long as they can handle the message.

  33. 02/14/12 21:50


    Tell POPS Bandcamp that the keys on the entire piece are so sweet!! Add so much more to the music!! TWO THUMBS UP!!!! LOVE IT :)

  34. 02/15/12 11:54


    #CS3 is absolutely amazing! From the beautiful transitions to the incredible Mr. James Lloyd!! Nice collab..I look forward to more from you two!! #CS4 maybe…please??? lol

  35. 02/15/12 14:34

    Whitney M.

    Awesome collab ! Very creative, and the jazz on top of the “dance for you” song was great ! Glad to see younger people enjoying jazz like I do ….you guys should be very proud of each other =)

  36. 02/15/12 15:12


    I love CS3! So happy I was introduced to DJ Bandcamp and all of his mixtapes. Have more to listen to and cannot wait to do so! Keep it up because you definitely have talent!!!!

  37. 02/22/12 00:39


    DJ Bandcamp!,
    all my homies in Ohio tell me how much they love you so i listened to the tape.
    when you started out with “Like A Virgin”, it was an instant favorite of mine!
    the collab between the piano and the music is so dope!
    keep doing your thing!
    Xo – from NC

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