Snippet of #CS3 —> CUFFINGSEASON 3

As we anticipate the MIDNIGHT release of what I feel is my greatest project yet, I want to provide you all with a LITTLE preview of what’s in store!! When I tell you it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever heard before, I promise I’m not lying! I have collaborated with a National Recording Jazz Musician named James Lloyd of Pieces of a Dream, who just so happens to be my Father! He is a PHENOMENAL keyboard player that I have anticipated working with for a LONG time now!

Have you EVER heard of a DJ collaborating with a Jazz Artist??? NOPE, I didn’t think so!! #BraceYourselves

P.S. If you like what you hear, tell EVERYONE you know!! This project is for all age groups and nationalities! Well, almost all age groups, LOL! Let’s become LEGENDARY!


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  1. 02/14/12 02:16


    Oh wow I didn’t know that, I love Pieces of a Dream! Congratulations Dear, It’s always wonderful to see people from home being successful. Thanks for being an inspiration for all those who feel like being born in the Yo is a bad thing. So Much Love and Respect! Great Job

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