[RECAP] 5.22.13 – DJ Bandcamp Appears on 106 & Park AGAIN!

Going on 106 & Park for the second time was quite different from the first. I was no where near as nervous this time, more of the staff recognized my face, and I had a better idea of how the show flowed this time around. The biggest difference between my debut appearance and this most recent one was the fact that this show was being taped while my first was LIVE. I really can’t get into the specifics of the difference, but lets just say it’s an easier process when pre-recorded.

Since we recorded Friday’s show on that Wednesday prior, I had the opportunity to watch myself LIVE on TV with both of my parents. I must admit I was more nervous watching myself on TV then I was on-set at BET. I honestly felt like I was gonna look like a fool, but it actually turned out great! As I tuned in, it was a surreal feeling knowing that millions of people were viewing the show at the time. Between my Twitter account and Instagram (both @djbandcamp), I felt a lot of love from everyone at home tuning in! Being that it was pre-recorded, it also gave me the opportunity to respond and retweet messages during air-time! I wasn’t afforded that opportunity during my debut so it was nice to connect with the people who were supporting me live!

While in New York, I was also able to catch Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs: Pacers vs. Knicks in Madison Square Garden! It was my first time ever in MSG and one more thing to knock off my bucket-list. Though my Pacers came up short, I had a great time with my best-friend and really enjoyed the atmosphere!

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