I Shot A Commercial!

October 28th, 2014. I received a text message from the production company that the new commercial ad for the new video game, “Shape Up”, had been released publicly. Read more…

3.29.14 (Cincinnati, OH) – New Rules Day Party at Club PLAY

Grab your Pre-Sale Tickets HERE!

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DJ Bandcamp – My Journey

As I rekindle my blogging activity, I can’t help but reflect on how far this journey has brought me. I’m almost two years removed from my “9-5″ as a High School Chemistry Teacher and so much has happened since June 2012. To name a few:
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[NEW MIXTAPE] – DJ Bandcamp Presents: CUFFING SEASON 5 ft. James Lloyd

Download Now!


Download Tracked Out Version of #CS5 – HERE

CS5 - Track List

[NEW MIXTAPE] Summer Camp Series Vol. 4 – DJ BANDCAMP

DOWNLOAD NOW: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/wmia6sedrccqgh2/Summer_Camp_Series_Vol._4.mp3

[NEW MIXTAPE] Summer Camp Series Vol. 3 – DJ BANDCAMP

It’s the first OFFICIAL #SummerCampSeries Volume of 2013! I’ll be dropping a new mixtape every two weeks, so stay on the lookout!!!

FULL Version – http://www.mediafire.com/?xc96brrymykksc0

Tracked Out Version – http://www.mediafire.com/?w70ce6aakvfbr8s

[RECAP] 5.22.13 – DJ Bandcamp Appears on 106 & Park AGAIN!

Going on 106 & Park for the second time was quite different from the first. I was no where near as nervous this time, more of the staff recognized my face, and I had a better idea of how the show flowed this time around. The biggest difference between my debut appearance and this most recent one was the fact that this show was being taped while my first was LIVE. I really can’t get into the specifics of the difference, but lets just say it’s an easier process when pre-recorded.

Since we recorded Friday’s show on that Wednesday prior, I had the opportunity to watch myself LIVE on TV with both of my parents. I must admit I was more nervous watching myself on TV Read more…

DJ Bandcamp Invades the “G2 Zone” as the OFFICIAL DJ of the Indiana Pacers

It’s still a surreal feeling being a part of the NBA, but the Indiana Pacers are making me feel right at home. I now have my permanent position in the fan favorite “G2 Zone” that features George Hill and Paul George, guards of the Indiana Pacers. Monday, March 25, 2013, the Pacers played the Atlanta Hawks and I got to experience the hype of the zone first-hand! I can honestly say those fans are fanatics and they make the game feel like “March Madness” every night! Directed and shot by @RoyceThaPrince


#CS4 – Tracked Out

In three years, I’ve never tracked a mixtape. Why?  First, I never knew how but largely because I always felt as though it would have taken away from the integrity of the project and all of the creative energy it took make it. I wanted people to listen to my mixtape in its entirety without having the opportunity to skim through it because I knew I put a lot of time and effort into making it the best one ever. I never put out projects just to say, “Hey, I dropped a mixtape.” It’s an art to this craft and I always try to tell a story or convey a point with each of them.

However, I have finally listened to those close and far and have figured out how to track a mixtape. #CS4, the tracked version, is now available!

1. Tracked Out Version: CLICK HERE
2. Non-stop Version: CLICK HERE

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CS4 Reaches Over 73,000 Downloads After One Week!

After one week of being released, #CS4 (CUFFING SEASON) ft. James Lloyd, reached over 73,000 downloads! That’s an amazing stat for a DJ mixtape that is not posted on livemixtapes, datpiff, or any other hosting site but our own. I’ve never reached these kind of numbers with any other project before which shows how much the brand is progressing and growing daily. I have to give a big shout-out to the “innercamp” for all they do with helping push “Bandcamp” and everyone who supports the movement. God is truly amazing and we plan on having a big 2013!

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