I Went To Asia!

In May 2014, the 29th precisely, I received my first ever solo international booking; it just so happened to be in a country I’ve never been to, Seoul, Korea! As excited I was, I faced a HUGE setback just 2 days before leaving. I thought I could never recover in time, but by the grace of God, he seen me through it!

The flight was about 15 hours long with layovers in both Chicago and San Francisco, but it actually wasn’t too bad considering we had “movies on demand” for the longest leg of the flight. It was my first time flying on a double-decker aircraft as well which was pretty dope. Once I landed, nothing was really in English so I just followed by the people assuming they were all going to baggage claim. After getting through customs, the promoters were standing in baggage claim holding a video camera to capture me walking through the doors and a sign with my name on it to welcome me to Seoul!


Once in Seoul, I had a couple of interviews to take care of. My favorite took place over dinner at a Korean BBQ place. The food was served raw and we had to cook it ourselves over a small grill in the middle of our table. It was very different than American food, but delicious nonetheless. After the interview, we headed over to sound-check at the venue. Upon arrival, I was absolutely shocked at how much promotion was going on over there for little old me! There were posters everywhere throughout downtown Seoul, plastered with my face and name written all over them. It was such a humbling experience, to say the least, to see my name and face painted all over a foreign country, but extremely exciting at the same time!

IMG_0963 IMG_0960

After sound-check and a quick nap, we headed back to the venue for the event that night. When I walked in, patrons were walking around with stickers, stickers with my face and name stuck on them as if it was a part of their outfit! I was overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that I just pulled out my phone and started snapping pictures of everyone I seen wearing a sticker. They had to believe I was crazy but I didn’t care. It just made me all the more excited to get up in the booth and do my job; and that’s exactly what i did! I finished my set at about 2:30 in the morning, kicked it in the club for another 2.5 hours, then left to another club and stayed until 9 am. That’s right! 9 am the NEXT day! And when we decided to leave, the party was still jumping! I asked if this was “normal” over here, and the people courting me all responded with a resounding “YES!” I couldn’t hang man.


(Pictured above: A woman licking my laptop at Lucidream in Seoul, Korea)


(Pictured Above: DJ Bandcamp rockin’ at Lucidream in Seoul, Korea)

IMG_1050 IMG_1046 IMG_1043 IMG_1040IMG_0981IMG_0983 IMG_0986 IMG_0987


(Pictured Above: Promotion in Seoul, Korea)


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