#CS4 – Tracked Out

In three years, I’ve never tracked a mixtape. Why?  First, I never knew how but largely because I always felt as though it would have taken away from the integrity of the project and all of the creative energy it took make it. I wanted people to listen to my mixtape in its entirety without having the opportunity to skim through it because I knew I put a lot of time and effort into making it the best one ever. I never put out projects just to say, “Hey, I dropped a mixtape.” It’s an art to this craft and I always try to tell a story or convey a point with each of them.

However, I have finally listened to those close and far and have figured out how to track a mixtape. #CS4, the tracked version, is now available!

1. Tracked Out Version: CLICK HERE
2. Non-stop Version: CLICK HERE


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