#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour Invades The Circle City Classic

After killing it the night before in Huntsville, AL, I had to hop on an early flight back to Ohio the next morning for the next stop on the tour! As exhausted I was, I barely made the flight on time, plus I had another prior engagement in Cincinnati, OH before heading to Indianapolis, IN for the Classic that night.

My flight landed in Columbus, OH around 5:15 pm, I drove straight to the Day Party in Cincinnati, rocked the set, then immediately hopped back on the road to Indianapolis. While in Cincinnati, however, a local camera crew who had seen my announcement about the tour, became interested in documenting it. Their name, 4 Eye View Fims! After some talk with their management, Ryan Larkin, we came to a deal, and just like, they were on the road with me to Indy! Honestly, it felt like a match made in heaven because the Lord knew I was looking for someone to film this tour! I just didn’t know who and how we could make it happen. For those who follow me on social media, I’m always talking about making a “MOVIE” at every event I do. And now, the production was real!

Check out #4EyeView’s recap below from the Circle City Classic:

#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour

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