#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour Invades Indiana University

October 18th 2014. It’s almost 3:30 in the morning, I just finished DJ’n Ohio State’s Homecoming event, and as a team, 4EyeView and I decide that we’re going to hit the road now to Bloomington, IN! Not the best idea.

By the time we actually get the wheels on the highway, it is now closer to 4:30 am. One hour into the trip, I feel the car stop. I wake up and we’re in Dayton, OH. The driver was not having it! Lol. So we all sleep for about 90 minutes, wake up refreshed, and try again. I had three events on the schedule that day: The IU Tailgate, The Day-Party at Hairy Bears, and the NPHC After-Party. All three events were captured by the great 4EyeViewFilms

#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour


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