#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour Invades Indiana State University

October 10th 2014. Can I be honest? I’m a be honest! I really had NO idea what to expect from Indiana State University’s Homecoming. The only thing I knew about their school was that the legend, Larry Bird, went there. I knew nothing about their “kick it” or even if they had a “kick it”. I had never heard of Terre Haute, IN, let alone, driven there, and just judging by the name alone… Yeah, I was totally wrong!!!

Upon arrival, 4EyeView and I went straight to the facility where the school was hosting the Friday night party and started setting up immediately. It was being held in the recreation center and usually, parties held in a “rec center” aren’t that dope because of the lights and extra space. Way to defy the odds ISU!


Then came Saturday. Saturday was jam packed with the events. First, there was “The Walk” followed by “Tent City” then the Day Party at the Alpha House, and finally the After-Party! Without getting into it too much, I’ve added the FULL recap video below, shot and edited by 4EyeViewFilms.

#ComeHomeWithCamp Tour

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