August 24th, 2015. Remember back in July when I spun for Terrence J at Essence Festival in New Orleans? You won’t believe what came as a result!

So about two and a half weeks after the dinner event, I was on the highway headed to Cleveland, OH. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and unknown number called my phone. I usually never answer unknown numbers, but for some reason, I answered that call. It just so happened to be Omarion’s security. The call went something like, “Hey, this is _____, we met briefly at the Terrence J event a couple weeks back. Omarion is gonna call you in 2 hours. *click*”

Imagine my face! IMAGINE. MY. FACE! Lol. I pulled over at a gas station, didn’t need gas! Hahahahaha! But I did need a place to freak out real quick! I called my parents to tell them and few of my best-friends, we were all freaking out! All of that to say, he didn’t even call me. Not 2 hours later, not the next day, not the day after, or even the day after that! By that time, I had chalked it up.

Then Saturday came, I was getting ready to DJ a Day Party in Cincinnati, OH then my phone rang with a “818″ area code. Imagine my face! Lol. To make an even longer story shorter, Omarion had offered me to become his tour DJ and we started tour together 2 weeks after that date on August 12th, 2015!

Omarion and DJ Bandcamp Tour Bus (8.14.15)

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