BET 106 and Park

I had an awesome time DJ’n on the set of 106 and Park! Growing up, I think all of us 80s and 90s babies had dreams of going on the show at one point or another. I never thought I’d be a guest DJ but I definitely took full advantage of the opportunity.

Instead of taking a flight, a few of my close friends and I made a road-trip out of the day so I could share this experience with them. Once we arrived in NYC and made our way into the studio, it was a surreal feeling stepping onto the set. Being there in person is nothing like watching it on TV. The cast and crew were very laid back and made me feel extremely comfortable as I was a ball of nerves! However, after warming up with the audience right before we went LIVE on air, I settled into my own zone and was prepared to do my job.

As the show aired, all of my social networking sites blew up! I’ve never felt like a celebrity before, but that day, I got a whiff of the life they live. Ohio really held me down as I felt like I represented the entire state that day. It was an awesome feeling to see all of the positive updates and inspiring messages! That’s exactly why I do what I do, outside of it being fun.

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