And The Winner Is…

Overall, 2014 has been another great year for the “DJ Bandcamp” brand thus far. In September, the 27th to be exact, the “Ohio Hip-Hop Awards” held their annual ceremony in Cleveland, OH at The Cleveland Performance Art Center. I knew I was nominated for an award, but, unfortunately, was unable to make it due to a prior engagement. And quite honestly, people from Youngstown, OH hardly ever win an OHHA so I assumed this would be “business as usual”. I didn’t campaign at all, minus a couple of retweets, nor did I really tell anyone I was nominated. Personally, I’m not a great loser, especially when it’s out of my control, so mentally I told myself that if I didn’t “go hard” to try and win, if I lost, I really didn’t lose! Logical right?? Lol

On award night, I received this tweet:


In disbelief, I believe I responded with “I did?” The rest is history!



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